Think you can workout 12 days in a row before Christmas?

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Here's how the #ChristmasBeastmode Challenge works...

Hi, I'm Camy!

I’m Camy Kennedy, Diet Recovery Expert & Confidence Coach, and like you...I struggle with staying motivated during the holidays. 

So I wanted to create this 12 Days of #ChristmasBeastmode Challenge so we can keep each other accountable in the days leading up to Christmas and New Years!

After spending too many years binge eating and giving up on my goals during the holidays, and feeling super crappy about myself in January...I decided to STOP doing that and live in a balanced fashion with nutrition and exercise. But there are times when we will all struggle, and that's when we can help each other! 

This 12 Days of #ChristmasBeastmode is designed to get you re-motivated for your goals, fit in short, intense workouts, and have fun with a group of women who are doing the same!